DPMS measures everything.
"You can't improve what you don't measure."

Surge Analytics can provide whatever view of your operations you need to optimize your dealership's performance. 

Optimize your Service operations with clear visibility into:

Shop Efficiency

   Efficency Trends by Location - Trellis

   Efficiency - Labor Line Detail

   Efficiency - Labor Line Detail by Work Date

   Efficiency - Labor Line Detail Download

   Efficiency by Customer

   Efficiency by Invoice

   Efficiency by Invoice - Labor Lines

   Efficiency by Location

   Efficiency by Service Event

   Efficiency by Tech

   Efficiency by Tech, Invoice, Work Date

   Efficiency by Work Order

   Efficiency Crosstab

   Efficiency Order Detail

   Efficiency Summary

   Efficiency Trend

   Efficiency Trends

   Labor GM% by Tech


Technician Utilization

   Avg Unpro per Tech 12 Month Rolling Trend

   Avg Unpro per Tech 30 Day Rolling Trend

   Daily Unpro Time Summary

   Monthly Unpro

   Monthly Unpro Time Summary

   Unproductive Time

   Unproductive Time 12 Month Rolling Trend

   Unproductive Time 30 Day Rolling Trend

   Unproductive Time per Tech

   Unproductive Time per Tech - Pareto

   Utilization by Location

   Utilization by Location - Trellis

   Utilization by Location - Trend

   Utilization by Tech

   Utilization by Tech

   Utilization Summary

   Utilization Trends

Shop Productivity

   Productivity by Employee Location

   Productivity by Technician

   Productivity Summary

   Service GM% by Work Order

   Service GM% Summary

WIP (Work In Process)

   Service Order Detail WIP - Container Report

   Service WIP Aging by Location

   Service WIP Aging by Status

   Service WIP Billable Aging by Location

   Service WIP by Service Type and Aging Bucket

   Service WIP Percent of Aging Bucket by Location

   Top 10 Customers with WIP Orders

   Total WIP Aging Bucket Icons

   Weekly WIP Trend - Last 6 Months

   WIP Count Over 30 and 60 Trend

   WIP Detail

   WIP Exception Detail

   WIP Exceptions Order Detail

   WIP Order Detail

   WIP Overview

   WIP Service Order Exceptions

   WIP Trends

   WIP WTY Detail

   WTY WIP Order Detail

PIP (Paper In Process)

   PiP Count Over 30 and 60 Trend

   PIP Detail

   PiP Order Detail

   PIP Overview

   Service PIP Aging by Location

   Top 10 Customers with PiP Orders

   Total PiP Aging Bucket Icons


Order Details

   Labor Lines

   Labor Lines - WIP

   Parts Lines

   Work Order Header Detail

DPMS Service Reports