DPMS measures everything.
"You can't improve what you don't measure."

Surge Analytics can provide whatever view of your operations you need to optimize your dealership's performance. 

Optimize your Sales operations with clear visibility into:

(GM = Gross Margin)

Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Sales Analysis and Trends

   Current Year vs Prior Year Sales by Month with AOP

   Daily Sales - Account Drill

   Daily Sales - Detail

   Daily Sales - Location Drill

   Daily Sales - MTD and YTD Charts

   Daily Sales - Table

   Daily Sales by Account

   Daily Sales by Location

   Daily Sales Summary

   MTD - Sales vs Plan by Account Group

   MTD Sales vs AOP Viz Chart

   Prior Business Day - Daily Sales

   Sales by Month

   Sales by Month - Year

   Sales by Month Pivot

   Sales by Year

   Sales by Year Pivot

   Sales vs Plan - MTD or YTD Chart

   Sales vs Plan Table - YTD - MTD - Prior Day

   YTD - Sales vs Plan by Account Group


Customer Sales Analysis and Trends

   Current Year Sales Summary by Order

   Current Year Sales Transaction Summary

   Current Year Sales Trend Chart

   Customer Item Sales

   Customer Last 12 Month Sparkline

   Customer Not Active in Current Year in Prior Year Top 100 Overall Sales

   Customer Sales Analysis

   Customer Sales by Item Summary

   Customer Sales by Month Trend

   Customer Sales Detail

   Customer Sales Trend

   Sales by Year Bar Chart

   Top 50 Customers by MTD Total Sales

   Top 50 Customers by YTD Total Sales

   Top Customers

   TopN Customers

   TopN Customers by Current YTD Total Sales


Parts Sales and Profitability Analysis

   Customer GM By Item

   Parts GM Summary

   Parts GM% By Line

   Parts GM% Summary

   Parts Line Item GM - Details


Serialized Unit Sales and Profitability Analysis

   Unit Sales GM by Line

   Unit Sales GM% By Line

   Units GM Summary

   Units GM% Summary


Service Sales and Profitability Analysis

   Labor Cost Detail

   Labor Cost Summary

   Labor GM % by Tech

   Labor Line Detail

   Labor Sales Summary by Account

   Labor Sales Summary by Invoice

   Labor Sales Summary by Loc and Account

   Labor Sales Summary by Loc and Service Type

   Service GM Summary

   Service GM Summary - By Service Type, Location, Warehouse, Customer

   Service GM Summary - By Work Order

DPMS Sales Reports