DPMS measures everything.
"You can't improve what you don't measure."

Surge Analytics can provide whatever view of your operations you need to optimize your dealership's performance. 

Optimize your Parts operations with clear visibility into:

Parts Operations Reports

   30 OTC Parts Demand Trend

   Back Order Fill

   Back Order Gap

   Backorder Lines by Customer

   Backorder Lines by Item

   Deviated Parts Sales

   First Pass Fill

   First Pass Fill by Month - Chart Only

   First Pass Fill by Month - Table Only

   First Pass Fill Order Misses - Customer Summary

   First Pass Fill Order Misses - Item Summary

   Items Sold from non-setup Inventory Location

   NonStock and Core Detail Download

   Open Back Order Line Items

   Open Back Order Line Items by Customer

   Open Back Order Lines By Item

   Open Orders

   Open Orders - Exceptions

   Order Detail

   OTC Distinct Customers Created Last N Days

   OTC Distinct Customers Served Last 30 Days

   Parts - Open Order Counts

   Parts Demand Trends

Item Inventory Reports

   Inventory Analysis - Item Summary

   Inventory Analysis - Summary

   Inventory Detail Download

   Inventory Item Sales History

   Item - Negative OnHand - All Locations Overview

   Item Attributes

   Item Inventory - All Locations

   Negative Qty Onhand - Summary

   Negative Qty Onhand

   Qty On Hand with No Bin Location - Summary

   Qty On Hand with No Bin Location

   Daily Parts Inventory Overview

   DFR Export

   Inventory Audits

   Inventory Detail - Parts

   Inventory Qty Analysis

   Inventory Value Analysis

   Item Details

   No Bin

   Parts Data Audits

Serialized Unit Inventory Reports

   Inventory Analysis - Units

   Inventory Detail - Units

   Unit Inventory Aging Comments

   Unit Inventory Analysis

   Unit Inventory Comments

   Unit Inventory Detail

   Unit Inventory Over 274 with no Comment

   Unit Inventory Overdue Followup Count

   Unit Inventory Value Aging Overview

   Unit Inventory Value Analysis

DPMS Parts Reports