Dealer Performance Management System
How it Works
Surge Analytics' Dealer Performance Management System (DPMS) provides you with a comprehensive array of highly advanced interactive management reports and analytics which have been specifically designed to enable you to optimize performance across your entire dealership organization.
DPMS pulls data from a number of your existing operational and financial systems on a scheduled basis and then combines that data into a unified data model which has been specifically designed for dealerships just like yours. The data model is then used t0 automatically build an advanced user-ready data warehouse which is what enables you to see everything you need to about your operations. Of course, all this happens transparently to your users so they can focus on running the most effiicient Sales, Parts, Service, and Finance organizations possible.
We work with you to set up DPMS with your specific systems and people, so that you don't need to worry about the technical implementation at all. 
Contact us today to find out how quickly you can be up and running with the most advanced Dealer Performance Management System available anywhere  - DPMS from Surge Analytics.