DPMS gives you up to date info about:

Parts Profitability

  Parts Gross Margin - Summary 

  Parts Gross Margin - Detail

Counter Orders

   Backorder Fill - Gap - Lines by Item

   Backorder Lines by Customer

   Open Orders

   Parts Demand Trends 

   DFR Review

Inventory Analysis 

   Inventory Analysis - Item Summary

   Inventory Item - Sales History

   Inventory Audits Overview 

   Negative Inventory 

   No Bin

   Inventory Exception Reports 

Parts Operations Reports 

  First Pass Fill 

  Order Detail 

... and much more!



DPMS gives you up to date info about:

Unproductive Time Analysis

  Daily Unpro and Trend Analysis

  Monthly Unpro and Trend Analysis

Tech Pay Hours

   Audit Overtime & Exceptions

   Tech Pay Hours Summary & No Lunch

   Tech Pay Hours Detail

Work In Process

   WIP Overview

   WIP Detail

   WIP Aging by Location & Status

   Top 10 Customers with WIP Orders

Paper In Process (Days to Invoice)

   PIP Overview

   PIP Detail

Sales and Profitability

   Service Gross Margin % Summary 

   Service Gross Margin % by Work Order

... and much more! 

DPMS measures everything.
"You can't improve what you don't measure."

DPMS gives you up to date info about:

Financial Statements

   Gross Margin - Income Statement - Net Income Variance Analysis - Expense Variance Analysis

Accounts Receivable

   AR Summary by Customer - AR Summary by Invoice - AR Aging Analysis - AR Credit Invoice Match

General Ledger Download - Transaction Audits

.... and much more!


Even though DPMS is extremely comprehensive, providing you with over 400 different and flexible views into your dealership operations, we realize you may have some unique needs which DPMS does not already address.


We stand eager and ready to work with you to address these needs, just as we have done with our current customers - which is why DPMS is already the most comprehensive solution on the market for dealerships just like yours. 

Need more?


DPMS gives you up to date info about:

Daily Sales vs. Plan

  Daily Sales Overview

  Daily Sales Detail

  Daily Sales - Account Drill 

  Daily Sales - Location Drill 

Sales Trends

   Daily Sales Trends 

   Monthly Sales Trends

   Yearly Sales Trends 

   Sales vs. Plan - MTD or YTD

   Current Year vs. Prior Year Sales

Customer Sales Analysis and Trends

   Top 50 Customers MTD

   Top 50 Customers YTD

   Top Customers - 12 Month Trend

   Top N Customers 

   Customer Sales Trend 

   Customer Sales Detail

   Customer Sales Analysis 

   Customer Year Sales 

... and much more!

Dealer Performance Management System
For Parts & Service Dealers
Forestry Equipment
Transportation Refrigeration & Equipment
 No more guessing. 
Know exactly how you are performing in all departments.
Know exactly where to focus today to increase:
Customer Satisfaction

About Us

Bryan Parker spent more than 15 years gaining a deep knowledge of the many facets of dealership operations while working for Cummins Engine Corp. where he built a comprehensive Custom Reporting & Analytics solution which is still in use today. 

In 2014 Bryan co-founded Surge Analytics and built the Dealer Performance Management System (DPMS) based on his deep and intricate knowledge of all aspects of dealership operations and management  - across all departments.

Bryan has over 15 years of data warehousing, database development, and application development experience, and built the Dealer Performance Management System based on the Birst analytics engine. Bryan is an advanced and well-known Birst solution architect and developer.   

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